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Make a Difference

On this page you can find helpful information for contacting friends, family, media and government officials to inform them of the acetaminophen issue. 

Call scripts

Email scripts

To find your local representatives, you can visit: 

What More Can I Do?

We know the evidence, we know what action needs to be taken and now with your help we can raise our voices to allow parents, guardians, lawmakers, medical professionals and others know what we can do to change this today. 


Being informed is one of the most important parts of making change. Read about the 20 lines of evidence so that you can learn, share, and advocate for others to know too.


Share the message with other parents and guardians to let them make educated decisions on administering acetaminophen to their babies and children.


Participate in the cause by taking personal action, whether posting on social media, calling your local representatives, and participating in other initiatives.

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