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Below are some of our publications

Minerva Pediatrics 2022

The safety of pediatric use of paracetamol (acetaminophen): a narrative review of direct and indirect evidence 

Controversy if acetaminophen is safe for babies and children.

Acetaminophen Causes
Neurodevelopmental Injury in Susceptible Babies and Children: No Valid Rationale for Controversy

Acetaminophen and Autism

Extensive, formal critical review published in 2017: the acetaminophen-autism connection

Acetaminophen was never shown to be safe:

Proof that acetaminophen was never shown to be safe for brain development in babies and children. Published in the European Journal of Pediatrics in 2022.

Not a Conspiracy theory

Acetaminophen as a Cause of Autism: It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s not

Long-term increases in non-social behavior

Acetaminophen causes long-term increases in non-social behavior when used in baby rats at levels assumed to be safe in baby humans: An experimental study from Duke University published in 2021.

 Real Clear Investigations

A review of evidence from 2018 published in a main-stream news outlet: Real Clear Investigations


Dr. Parker summarizes the evidence that acetaminophen causes autism in suseptable babies and children

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