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(Video) Part 10: Evidence line 18 of 20: Parental observations

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Let’s look at line of evidence number 18 out of 20 telling us that acetaminophen exposure in susceptible babies and children causes many if not most cases of autism.

This is William Parker, the scientist, with Dr. Parker Reports.

This viewpoint, shared by many parents, is line of evidence number 18.

We know from Stephen Shultz’s study, which you can review in video part 1, that it was not the vaccine, but it was the acetaminophen given with the vaccine that induces autism.

Over the past several decades, it has been argued that the parents are mistaken, but history has shown that the parents’ observations have been correct.

For some historical context, from 1940s until 1965, autism was blamed on parenting in what was called the “refrigerator mother hypothesis,” and then until 2005 many people believed that regressive autism was simply impossible.

These mistakes tell us why ignoring the observations of parents can be very dangerous.

And that’s the broad strokes on line of evidence number 18 out of 20, about the observations made of parents of children with autism.


To watch a more detailed video on this topic: please watch our similarly titled video on this WPLab Youtube channel. 

To get more information and to see how this fits into the big picture, read the peer-reviewed research.

The following references describe the original published research mentioned in this blog:


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