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(Video) Part 11: Evidence line 19+20 of 20: Autism spikes in non-US countries

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Let’s look at our final published lines of evidence, lines of evidence numbers 19 and 20 out of 20, telling us that acetaminophen exposure in susceptible babies and children causes many if not most cases of autism.

This is William Parker, the scientist, with Dr. Parker Reports.

These lines of evidence are all about interesting findings of unusual autism prevalence.

Line of evidence number 19 comes from South Korea.

In 2012, the prevalence of autism was found to be shockingly high in South Korea compared to the rest of the world.

A business report a year later showed that too much acetaminophen was being put in the children’s medications, which explain the high prevalence of autism.

Line of evidence number 20 comes from Israel.

Some studies suggest that modern Jews have a much higher prevalence of autism than traditional Jews.

One explanation for this observation is that circumcision for modern Jews includes the use of acetaminophen along with ritual use of alcohol.

That alcohol will create oxidative stress which will unfortunately make acetaminophen more dangerous.

Traditional Jews, in contrast, would only administer the ritual alcohol, not the acetaminophen, explaining the lower prevalence of autism.

And that’s the broad strokes on our last two lines of evidence, numbers 19 and 20 out of 20, all about interesting findings of unusual autism prevalence.

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To watch a more detailed video on this topic: please watch our similarly titled video on this WPLab Youtube channel. 

To get more information and to see how this fits into the big picture, read the peer-reviewed research.

The following references describe the original published research mentioned in this blog:


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