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Tips for Parents and Guardians

We cannot give medical advice, but acetaminophen has never been shown to save a single human life, nor has it ever been shown to be safe for babies and children by any test or experiment

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We now know that many, if not most, cases of autism are a chemically-induced injury which occurs when babies with oxidative stress are given acetaminophen (commonly branded Tylenol in the US).

This may seem simple, but the best advice we can give is for parents and guardians to make a plan in advance. 

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The Assumptions about Pain and Fever

Acetaminophen treats some, but not all, pain effectively. Some types of common pain for children may not be treated effectively by acetaminophen at all. You can read more about this here.


There’s no research or evidence that treating a fever is beneficial. Fevers themselves are protective. It’s not a symptom of something wrong, but part of your body's natural immune response. Read more about fevers here.

What Should Parents and Guardians Do? 

This is the part that gets tricky. We can not give medical advice. The best advice we can give is for parents and guardians to make a plan in advance. 

This may seem simple, but those critical moments where you or a loved one must see a child suffer, are the times when we react out of emotion, not based on our knowledge or convictions. Making an action plan for what you will do to mitigate pain and fevers will be a critical tool in your arsenal.


Being informed is one of the most important parts of making change. Explore a compiled list from other sources of alternative ways to treat pain and fevers.


Acetaminophen has never been proven to save a single life. Our best advice is to make a plan in advance, to mitigate pain and fevers when they come. 


Share the message with other parents and guardians to let them make educated decisions on administering acetaminophen to their babies and children. 

Interested in taking a bigger step? Participate in the cause by taking personal action, whether posting on social media, calling your local representatives, and other initiatives. Learn More about Taking Action

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Plans from Parents

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D. Bono

Mother of a 2, ages 2 and 4

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Get Started Today

Not sure where to start?  We've compiled a list of questions for you to think about and consider with all appropriate guidelines for you to start making your own plan. 

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